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Sleigh Ride - Alexander O'Neal

Sleigh Ride - Alexander O'Neal

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Who knew that the absence of light in my light show would be so popular?  This sequence features Santa and his sleigh seemingly flying across the house!  This is what gave my show something different from most others and became one of my trademarks as well as the wiper blades effect.

Alexander O'Neal

I don't really need to say anything else but I will... his Christmas album "My Gift To You" is fantastic.  If you like 80's music and R&B that will get your body moving this is the sequence for you!

IMPORTANT:  The audio file for this sequence contains Remix edits so a customized audio file will be included in the download.  You MUST purchase the original audio file legally before using the custom edited file.

You can purchase the song by clicking on the image below:

Legal Disclaimer and Licensing:

There are no returns after the sequence is downloaded.  This sequence is not for commercial use.  If you wish to use it commercially please contact info@pixelsequencepros.com.  You may use this sequence for one residential property.  You may not sell, trade or share this sequence.

You are paying for the service of creating the sequence.  You must purchase any video, music or images contained in the sequence that are copyrighted.

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