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Great Sequence

I really enjoyed this Halloween sequence. Keep up the great work!

It Must Be Halloween

Love how well the effects flow with the music on this sequence. A Job well done Tim! Going to look awesome this year in my Halloween show!

Thank you Dale! I'm looking forward to seeing it if you get some video, let me know!

Great Halloween Sequence!

If you’re looking for a stand out sequence for Halloween…Choose this sequence! This sequence was designed and put together very well…

Thanky you Danny!

David Kern

The effects (shaders, images, videos) are over the top in this sequence. Take your Halloween show to the next level with this crazy creepy sequence. Thanks Tim!

Thank you!!

Dale Jordan
Awesome sequence

Really love this sequence. Can’t wait to see it live this Halloween. Great work Tim!

Thank you, I'd love to see it as well!

Jon Bridges (Jack BOT)

This is a great sequence that I could easily map over to my layout. It is perfect for Halloween and has a great creepy vibe to it. I highly recommend it. Keep up the great work Tim.

Thank you Jon, I appreciate the feedback!

I Put A Spell On You

This rendition of the song represented in lights provides your audience with an immersive experience. It has a seductive yet haunting vibe that will captivate your audience. I highly recommend it if you're looking to add this particular song or just looking to expand your Halloween offering. It's a winner!

Thank you again, I appreciate the kind words and feedback!

Moon Trance

When it comes to Halloween, Tim is the man! This effort showcases Lindsey Stirling and will provide your audience with a haunting yet riveting experience. Great Halloween addition!

Thank you!!

Great pixel shiw

Great shows, and follow up support

Thank you!

Great sequence to add to my Halloween collection

Great sequence for my Halloween collection, hope my viewers rate it my best yet this year.

Thanks! Send a video link if you get one when it's running!

Another fantastic sequence.

Keep it up you are on a roll!

Best in the biz!

I've been using Tim for several years now and he changed thew game for me in bering able to deliver a dynamite show that keeps the traffic coming in night after night. Fro the custom sequences he created to the many that he has mapped for me, I'd be dead in the water without Tim! He's the man! Highly recccomend

Natural - Imagine Dragons
Scott McCullough
Great song choice with a niceely flow to the sequence!

This is a great song choice for Halloween or after Holidays with a sequence that flows really well. I was able to easily add backup singers to the opening thanks to the really good job on the singing faces too and love it!

Love it

Another fantastic sequence, cant wait to see what else is coming in 2024!

Beauty and the Beast
Francisco Rivera

Great sequence and video at a great price will buy more. Please make more Disney ones.

Great sequence for a great song!

Very happy with this sequence, I’m using it as part of my NYE playlist and will use again for Halloween.

AVICII Levels Christmas Remix

Great sequence easy to map to display

Love it

These are the types of sequences I really like. All the different props have their own assignment to keep the audience eyes moving. Those with multiple matrices struggle with most vendors doing the same effects on all matrices and trees.

The Grinch

A great sequence, the Mega tree works out great on my 16X100 Tree! easy to import, well timed out.

Always the best

Always the best sequences to purchase always have a lot of elements being used a lot of animations always the ones talked about the most at the end of the year

Great Song, Lots of fun!

He has a good eye for the right lights to come on at the right time for this song. Mega tree is awesome super fun! Next year I will try and get my roof to have a bunch of matrices, as his layout shows. Really enjoy your work! Very easy to import onto my layout. Thank you for your hard work. Always enjoy getting professional sequences from Pixel Sequence Pro.

Great Products

If you’re looking for great product, look no further, you’ve found the spot right here. Sequences are easy to import into your current show.
They are top notch and I’ll be back for more.

Review title lol

Like the song and sequence just needs more effects and different color

Looks better on the lights

I mapped this to my smaller display (2500 pixels) and was worried that it was too dark. In xLights the house preview seemed very dim with lots of use of darker colors like blue and purple. But I’m very happy with the result on the actual lights, where dark colors are more visible.

This is a great non-traditional Christmas song.