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Pixel Sequence Pros

Magical Intro

Magical Intro

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Does your magical show need a magical intro?

Set the mood for a magical show!

The sequence will set the stage for a magical show and let them know they are in for a treat!

IMPORTANT:  The audio file for this sequence was specifically made using the song listed below.  If you use a different version of the song the sequencing may not match.

Song is included.

Legal Disclaimer and Licensing:

There are no returns after the sequence is downloaded.  This sequence is not for commercial use.  If you wish to use it commercially please contact  You may use this sequence for one residential property.  You may not sell, trade or share this sequence.

You are paying for the service of creating the sequence.  You must purchase any video, music or images contained in the sequence that are copyrighted.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Carlton S.

Awesome sequence! Easy download and import. Just tweaked it a little and matched it to my display. Looks awesome!

Thank you Carlton!

Ryan L.

Thanks Tim for another amazing sequence....and the price was right for this one!

Thank you Ryan!

marthy v.

love it

Thanks Marthy!

Michael A.

I've bought several sequences from PSP and I've loved them all. They really try to break new ground in the way they use the effects.

Awesome thanks for the great review!


Great quality sequence as with all of the sequences available.

Thank you Ryan!