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Pixel Sequence Pros

Shiny - Jemaine Clement (Moana Soundtrack) Group Buy

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Shiny from the Moana Soundtrack!

This is a PRE-ORDER

This sequence has not been created yet. I will be sequencing this song on the PSP Premium Christmas Layout (see image below). The anticipated complete time will be Early November.

Pre-Order prices will gradually increase until release, so the sooner you buy the cheaper you get it!

A lyric track will be included as well.


Why Group Buy?

Often times there is a sequence you want but you can't find it anywhere.  The only option is to do it yourself or pay hundreds of dollars to have someone create a custom sequence. This is where the group buy comes into play. This group buy is a result of the Request Line Group on Facebook. This group is open to everyone in the community for requesting a sequence. Songs are presented, pitched and selected there to be offered as a pre-order here.  When the pre-order is over the regular price will be $59.99 USD. 

Why Pixel Sequence Pros?

Think of this as commissioned work.  If you like my style of sequencing you will get the same quality for this group buy sequence.  Also, I am the only one that produces sequences for Pixel Sequence Pros.  It will NOT be farmed off to someone else to do it.  I am the ONLY programmer that will touch this sequence which results in consistent quality and style.  You have a pretty good idea of what you are going to get.

How will I get the sequence?

After you purchase the pre-order, you will get a download link as a placeholder (no sequence yet).  This way when the sequence is complete you will use that download link to receive the completed sequence when you receive the email update.

*This sequence will be resold on the PSP website after the project is complete but it will be sold at a higher price than this discounted price.

The song that will be used for this sequence can be purchased here: