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Moving Heads Sequence - Avicii Levels Christmas Remix

Moving Heads Sequence - Avicii Levels Christmas Remix

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Moving Heads Only - Avicii Levels Christmas Remix

Have you wondered why your moving head sequences aren't very visible?

Moving heads are best observed when they are tilted toward your audience.  One of the reasons that they may be difficult to see is that they have been sequenced to point straight up or directly left or right keeping them nearly invisible.

You will notice that this sequence shoots the beams out overhead yet still keeps them high enough to avoid neighbors across the street.  Your moving heads will be brighter and look more theatrical than they ever have!

Moving Heads ONLY

This sequence was made to go with the Avicii Levels Christmas Remix and you are purchasing the moving head sequencing only!
No music to purchase.  Includes moving head sequencing only.

Legal Disclaimer and Licensing:

There are no returns after the sequence is downloaded.  This sequence is not for commercial use.  If you wish to use it commercially please contact  You may use this sequence for one residential property.  You may not sell, trade or share this sequence.

You are paying for the service of creating the sequence.  You must purchase any video, music or images contained in the sequence that are copyrighted.

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