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Haunted Arches - Full of Hell

Haunted Arches - Full of Hell

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So this was actually commissioned by a customer for a Christmas sequence as a joke for his metal head buddies LOL  Turns out people like it, go figure!  Joke or not, play this to get the neighbors stirred up and maybe even call Fire and Rescue!

 No, don't even ask for a lyric track on this one!

Legal Disclaimer and Licensing:

There are no returns after the sequence is downloaded.  This sequence is not for commercial use.  If you wish to use it commercially please contact info@pixelsequencepros.com.  You may use this sequence for one residential property.  You may not sell, trade or share this sequence.

You are paying for the service of creating the sequence.  You must purchase any video, music or images contained in the sequence that are copyrighted.

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