About Pixel Sequence Pros

Thank you for visiting!  If you have any questions at all please send an email to info@pixelsequencepros.com

I've been sequencing for 8 years now and I grow to love it even more every year. When the casting calls for the GCLF show kept coming in I had to turn them down. I'm more of an introvert and I just didn't have and eventful background story to woo the judges lol  However I have worked with 3 contestants and sequence for one of them that actually won so that's got to count for something right? 

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Here is a quick summary of my experience:

I am the only person that does the sequencing at Pixel Sequence Pros (PSP) so you know exactly the style and quality of sequencing you will get.

I have been designing sequences for both commercial and private use since 2014.  Yes, I use whole house effects and I feel that anyone who denies it's importance is misled. There is a right way and a wrong way to do it which I have learned over the years, just look at my early SnoMutt Lights sequences. Imagine a painting without a base layer or background... just a fancy subject with no environment to support it.

I enjoy being able to express my love for music in a unique way to present it to others so they can see what I love about a particular song.  You are not just experiencing pretty repetitive light patterns, you are stepping into my imagination as a visual storyteller! 

My main focus is on Christmas and Halloween sequences however if you have a custom request let me know.  I can also map your purchased sequences from any vendor to your layout.  I currently have openings for 2022, first come first serve.  I am nearly booked up already as of August 23rd however.  Please see my Custom Services page for more information.

I appreciate your business and hope that you will visit again as I have more sequences coming.

Thank you~

Tim Meyer
Pixel Sequence Pros - Owner