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Moving Heads in xLights Sequences

Moving heads with xlights sequences are going to be huge in 2022 and beyond Several vendors (both new and established) now have them available. It's pretty easy to do some of the basics but the moving heads really should emphasize the music not just wave back and forth and distract the viewer from the rest of the show. One vital part of programming these is that you actually need to have a moving head to make sure it does what you are programming it to do. If you don't, the sequences could totally fail or just look sloppy. When shopping for moving head sequences, please keep this in mind as it may not work as well as it looks in xLights.. Sequencing these fixtures is a completely different way of thinking and requires some additional skills that take time to pick up if you want them to look good.

The choreography of moving heads can be more of an art form than sequencing itself.  I've been programing moving heads for drive thru shows for several years now and I think you all will be pleasantly surprised at what a little more time and effort put into the moving head portion of the show will produce.  There is also a certain bit of finesse that is required when using them for a residential show.  You don't want them to redirect attention away from the rest of the show.

My moving head sequences will have more options for you to choose from as well. More info on this will come soon as I begin to roll them out. I haven't seen ANY other vendor do what I'm doing so stay tuned for their release!  They take a bit more time than the canned movements so please be patient.

I've been working with the Dominar Beam IP moving heads and I'm really impressed with their speed, brightness and features.  They are high quality moving heads that do not need an extra globe to purchase for more than the price of the moving heads themselves.  The bulbs are LED and will not dim with age or need to be replaced for a very long time. Also, the shipping cost is built into the price. As an additional bonus, my sequences will be designed specifically for this fixture so it will be plug and play!

Check them out at David Henry's Shop

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